Accomplishments and Implications

Find out about the latest accomplishments and implications of the ArkFab project

Commercial Aquaponics

Commercial Aquaponic System

Constructed a small commercial sized aquaponic system, demonstrating sustainable design in food production Current food systems are...More >>

Feeding the local community

Our research serves a community without access to nutritious food. These are the people most desperately in need of a solution to the...More >>

Truly Living Well (TLW) Sales

Helping Truly Living Well (TLW) employ local residents through the sale of produce The urban farm model has yet to prove economically...More >>

TLW Education

Educating TLW staff and urban farmer trainees about aquaponic systems so they can reproduce the technology and design Everything we do is...More >>

Georgia Tech Non-profit Organization

Bridged the gap between Georgia Tech and a local non profit community organization Educational institutions are often seen as enclosed in...More >>