Transition Tech: Wood-Fired Automobile

I live in Atlanta and our city was built around the automobile. Transportation is arguably the most oppressive aspect of our city's infrastructure. Transitioning towards a post-scarcity carbon neutral city is very difficult for us and transitional technologies are needed to solve some of our unique problems.

Atlanta is known as the city in a forest; we have a lot of yellow pine here in Georgia, and Atlanta, although deforestation is a major issue, is no different.

Wood Fired Wood Car

Wood Fired Wood Car, Romania, 2007

Check out Joost Conijn's wood fired wood car! Over a million wood-gas fired automobiles and tractors were used back during the world wars in Europe. As our local infrastructure is shocked by energy price fluctuations running automobiles and heavy machinery in Atlanta off of wood and grease can provide us a more resilient alternative.

Out in California a collective is working on an open sourced wood gasifier called the Gasifier Experimenters Kit (openGEK). They've already released several versions and are providing resources to those who want to do further research and development. This could be used to run back-up generators off of the worlds most sustainable and appropriate solar battery- wood and to run mechanized machinery like open source compressed earth block presses, open tractors and community buses.

Open GEK Gasifier

Open GEK Gasifier